Madanggeuk Byeonsato Birthday Party

Changgeuk in the Madang, Jeonju Madang Changgeuk

'Jeonju Madang Changgeuk' is a Korean version of a musical that combines song, music, and dance into a story play centered on our sound. While maintaining the unique style of old pansori and changgeuk, the play is unfolded with the story of this era that many people can relate to. The performance of high-quality performances is performed by harmonizing a middle-sized voicer with outstanding skills and a whimsical young voicer.

Byeonsatto's mischievous love story

'Byeonsatto Birthday Party' is a work that breathes new life into'Chunhyangga', which can be said to be a classic of love. Byun Hak-do, not the existing main characters Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong, was reinterpreted from the perspective, and Byeon Hak-do, who committed a brutality as a tam-gwan-duck, is enlightened by the power of love of Chun-hyang and depicts the process of change.

Outdoor performance under the moonlight

The performance unfolds under the moonlight that warmly surrounds the beautiful hanok. Everything from the wind of Jeonjucheon and the scenery of Seungamsan becomes a stage and props. You can feel the special atmosphere of Jeonju, where the voices of the actors that resonate in the heart and the breath of the audience are completed in one harmony.

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