Jeonju National Museum

Currently, the museum's collections amount to 40,000 pieces, including archaeological, historical, and art relics, as well as folk materials, excavated from Jeollabuk-do or related to local history.

Of these, over 2,000 collections are exhibited in 4 exhibition rooms and outdoor gardens. In addition, we introduce the history and culture of Jeollabuk-do in depth by planning exhibitions on various themes and promoting special exhibitions and academic activities.

In addition, we are developing and operating various educational programs for local residents to participate in museum activities.

With such activities, in 2002, the first social education center was opened in Korea, providing a place for visitors to experience the traditional culture of the family unit. In particular, in 2014, it was reorganized as the Children's Museum and renovated as a place where our children can learn the history and have fun. In addition, it is being reborn as a space where teenagers can learn about historical and culture in three dimensions through relics and relics, adults can learn about lifelong learning, and foreigners can learn about the unique culture of Korea and the traditional culture of Jeonbuk.

Since 2018, the Jeonju National Museum has been carrying out a project that specializes in the museum focusing on the ‘Chosun scholar culture’. The hometown of the Joseon Dynasty and the infrastructure of the Hanok Village is increasing the interest in the history of visitors.

The specialization of the Joseon scholar culture aims to present to the present the tangible and intangible heritage that can be passed down to the viewers by presenting a practical intellectual impression not limited to the yangban alone. To this end, the Jeonju National Museum is in the process of establishing a new scholar culture room.

This space will establish itself as a space to examine the spirit of scholarship of the old ancestors in the future. In addition, we will take the lead in cultivating the knowledge of the local people by supplementing the facilities of the Children's Museum in relation to the Joseon scholar culture and holding the Sunbia Academy.

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