Deokjin Park reminds you of memories of your family and lovers

Deokjin Park, located in the center of Jeonju city, is a place of memory for Jeonju citizens. In particular, Deokjin Lake, which is the vast lake of Deokjin Park, embroiders Deokjin Lake every year in early July, and is gaining great popularity with tourists and photographers from all over the country. The musical fountain unfolding in Deokjin Lake, a pond that occupies two-thirds of Deokjin Park, along with Deokjin Chae-ryeon, one of the eight scenic spots in Jeonju, became an indispensable attraction of Deokjin Park.

Deokjin Park contains memories of Jeonju residents with various attractions. Deokjin Park can be said to be a place where the romance of Jeonju citizens is intact.

In Deokjin Park, full of lotus scent, poets of Shin Seok-jeong, Kim Hae-gang, Lee Cheol-gyun, and Baekyang-chon poets stand around. It is a'Holy Land of Jeonju Literature' that can commemorate the pioneers of local modern literature and the literary people who brightened the Jeonbuk Literature History.

The characteristic of the park, which was reopened in 1998 through extensive maintenance work, is reminiscent of a small hill in Hyangchon with the mounting construction. In addition, a traditional pavilion and iris swamp were created to maximize the historicity, and an artificial waterfall and wooden bridge were installed to rebuild the park to suit citizens' emotions as a nature-friendly facility. It is also famous for a banquet of dano irises to pray for health during the year.

In Deokjin Park, not only poets Shin Seok-jeong and Kim Hae-gang vie, but also the children's charter, General Bong-joon Jeon statue, and Jeonjumin Gallery, a cultural space that gives the atmosphere of Jeonju to those who visit Deokjin Park.

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