Ajoong Lake, a romantic road you want to walk

Ajung Lake, located in Ua-dong 1-ga, was a place called'Ajung Reservoir (Ingyo Reservoir)' until three years ago. It was a fairly large reservoir with a full water area of ​​26.05㏊ and a total reservoir of 1.388,000㎥, but as time changed, the role as a reservoir to supply agricultural water faded. The Ajoong Reservoir was renamed Ajoong Lake in order to restore it to and take off as a space to protect the ecology.

At present, Ajung Lake is surrounded by a water promenade and a deck path, so you can enjoy the view of Ajung Lake with a peaceful mind, and there is a floating deck plaza that can accommodate about 200 people, providing a space for performances and festivals.

In addition, the true value of Ajoong Lake shines at night when the subtle lighting illuminates it. With the lighting facilities installed along the water promenade, you can enjoy one of the best night views in Jeonju from Ajung Lake at night. Why don't you take a walk to Ajoong Lake, a gem that shines like the moonlight shining on the calm water surface?

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