Jeonju University practice game

Practice nori was a term used to refer to folk martial arts games such as horseback archery competition during the Sukjong period of Joseon, water nori during the Yeongjo period, pansori, and baekiljang. In the 8th year of King Yeongjo (1732), with the establishment of the local reinforcement office (application) and the Gamu Daewoon Office, four governments (military affairs, Uibangjeong, Dagijeong, and Jinbukjeong) were established in Jeonju. Was carried out as.

In particular, he gave himself the title of prestigious title to 15 clowns such as Kwon Sam-deuk, Shin Jae-ho, and Song Man-gap. After that, it continued to pass down to the King Jeongjo and Sunjo dynasties.

Yehyang(藝鄕) A play field of historical traditional art representing Jeonju

In 1974, people with a great interest in traditional arts gathered to promote the resurrection of Daejeonsik-nori, and a promotion committee composed of members Park Young-seon, Song Gwang-seop, and Lim Jong-sul was formed.

In 1975, at the 1st Daejeon Nori National Contest, which was divided into five categories (pansori, nongak, dance, sijo, and archery), Jeong-sook Oh of Seoul as a master singer of the Pansori Department, Gwangju Nong high school as a master singer of the Nongak Department, Shin Yong-sik as a master singer of the Si-grandfather, and Myeonggung of the Kungdo Department. As a result, Kim Chil-gi and others in Gyeonggi-do won the manor.

In 1977, the Jeonju Daejeon Preservation Association was established to manage the competition, and in 1983 it was expanded to nine divisions, including the Pansori Myeongchang, Nongak, Dance, Instrumental Music, Sijobu, Folk Song, Gayageum Byeongchang, Pansori General, and Kungdo. . In 2010, with the establishment of the Myeonggo Water Department, it has established itself as the best traditional art contest in Korea, encompassing the entire traditional art in 10 categories.

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