The United States should respond to the corona as great as Korea.

The famous American broadcaster Howard Stern praised President Trumps response to the new Coronavirus Infectious Disease (Corona19) on the radio and praised the Korean Corona19 response.

According to the US Congressional media agency The Hill on the 24th (local time), Howard Stern responded to South Koreas Corona 19 response to the program Howard Stern Show, which was named on the Internet radio Sirius XM. "Its amazing," he praised.

Stern, who broadcasted in his home "Bunker" due to Corona 19, criticized the United States for "corona 19 prosecution was not properly conducted at the beginning."

"I know Trump and hes an expert in scoring women from 1 to 10," Stern said, aiming at Trump.

“Trump likes to appear on the covers of newspapers and magazines, or to attract peoples attention on TV. "Its not his job to study whether the country can be corrected." He continued, "We need to change the slogan of Trumps reelection campaign to May the United States be as great as Korea."

Previously, President Trump had introduced “Make America Great Again” as a campaign slogan during the 2016 presidential election. This years reelection campaign slogan is “Keep America Great”.

According to The Hill, Trump is a real estate developer in New York before taking office, often appearing on Sterns radio program, and the two are close friends. However, at the time of the 2016 presidential election, Stern declined to request Trumps support.

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