Ha-jin Song, the 15th president of the Korea Metropolitan Government Council, was reappointed.

Jeollabuk-do Governor Song Ha-jin was reappointed as the 15th president of the Republic of Korea City and Provincial Governors Association.

The Council of Provincial and Provincial Governors of the Republic of Korea held the 48th general meeting at the Sejong City Local Government Hall on the 26th and decided to reappoint the current chairman, Ha-jin Song.

At the general meeting, Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung (re-appointed) and Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon were appointed as vice presidents.

Chairman Song Ha-jin was elected as the first president of the Republic of Korea City and Provincial Governors Association among the previous governors of Jeollabuk-do in August last year, and this year, he has left a rare record of becoming the first consecutive president since the council was launched.

Chairman Song will lead the Council of Governors of the Republic of Korea as a representative of 17 regional governments across the country for about a year until June next year.

Provincial and provincial governors who attended the general meeting decided that it was necessary to continue to serve as chairman, judging Song Ha-jin as the right person ahead of next year's presidential election, local elections, and strengthening of autonomy.

Chairman Song Ha-jin also expressed his determination to resolve the issues of decentralization, such as reforming the constitution of decentralization, expanding local autonomy such as autonomous legislative powers and autonomous organization rights, and strengthening financial decentralization and financial cooperation, and focusing on win-win cooperation between the central and local governments.

Chairman Song Ha-jin said, “I will do my best with a heavy responsibility.” “First of all, with the passage of the Central and Local Cooperation Council Act, the central and local governments can discuss overall national policies at one table. I will do my best to help it to be successful so that it can become an effective meeting body.”.

Chairman Song Ha-jin continued, “As it has become more important to establish a genuine self-governing policing system by actively expressing opinions from local and field sites, we will organize and operate a policy consultative body with the Autonomous Decentralization Committee and related ministries to realize the autonomous police system. “In addition, to resolve the polarization between regions caused by fiscal decentralization, and to protect the people’s right to life and health, the government and the National Assembly will be able to change their perception of public health care, which is a basic infrastructure, and continue to actively invest and support. We will continue to work hard.”

In addition, at this general meeting, 17 provincial and provincial governors had in-depth discussions on major agendas, such as the task of promising decentralization policies in preparation for the 20th presidential election.

In particular, they gathered opinions on the overall revision of the Local Autonomy Act, the Central Local Cooperation Meeting to be implemented from next year, and system improvement tasks to establish a genuine self-governing policing system.

In addition, provincial and provincial governors have also adopted the “Joint Statement by Mayors and Provincial Governors of the Republic of Korea for Expansion of Local Public Medical Infrastructure and Medical Manpower” to be required by the government and the National Assembly.

The statement is ▲to expand public hospital beds by significantly establishing and expanding public hospitals such as regional medical centers, and to actively improve the system for strengthening local public medical infrastructure ▲After the establishment of the National Graduate School of Public Medical Sciences and national and public medical colleges, the The main content is to promptly improve the system to strengthen the training base for majors at local medical centers by immediately introducing the system of priests, regional nurse practitioners, and public clinical professors.

At the same time, Ha-jin Song, who was reappointed as the 15th president, also signed a written agreement with the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree Organizing Committee and the 2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Organizing Committee for the successful hosting of each event.

Chairman Song Ha-jin said, “Korea’s future lies on the road to revitalizing the provinces.

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