A symbol of history that preserves 500 years of the Joseon Dynasty

Gyeonggijeon is a portrait of Taejo who opened the Joseon Dynasty.

Jeonju, Gyeongju, Pyongyang, etc. were originally called Eonyongjeon, called Taejo Jinjeon in the 12th year of Taejong (1412), and Jeonju before the Gyeonggijeon, Gyeongju in 24th year of King Sejong (1442). Was called Jigyeongjeon and Pyeongyang as Yeongsungjeon respectively.

The Gyeonggijeon was lost during the 30th year of King Seonjo (1597), but was rebuilt during the 6th year of Gwanghaegun (1614).

The game consisted of a hippo who indicated the sacredness that anyone should get off the horse, a red-painted Hongsalmun, a foreign newspaper, an inner newspaper, and a blackout with a jin.

Considering that it is a royal shrine, it is called a newspaper, and when passing through the three gates of the inner and outer newspapers of Hongsalmul, it is necessary to enter “East and Out”, that is, go east (right) and go west (left). In the middle, it is because the spirit of Taejo is a "sinto".

Gyeonggijeon has a very important meaning in that the Jeonju accident was established along with the lost Bongan of Joseon Taejo Lee Seong-gye. It was in 1439 (Sejong 21) that the accident was installed before the game.

In the precincts, Gyeonggijeon (the 2nd type of tangible cultural property) that embraced Taejos remembrance, and Jo Kyung-myo, who embraced the plaques of Lee Han, a couple of 22nd generation and ancestral progenitor Lee S. Tangible Cultural Properties No. 16). In particular, there is also the Eoje Museum, which houses the existing Joseon dynasty, along with Taejo Eon (National Treasure No. 317).

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