Gunsan is a nationwide delivery app model

Reduced the payment of ethnic rider fees for delivery

It has been shown that the fee to the riders of the delivery people, which caused controversy to increase fees due to the reorganization of the fare system, has been cut by nearly 1,000 won per case this year.

The people of delivery said that the amount received per rider was 5,000 won at the end of last year, but this year it was reduced to an average of 4,000 won.

The ethnic side of the delivery said it was because the promotion of paying an additional fee in addition to the basic delivery fee was intensively carried out at the end of last year and was abolished this year.

It is said that payments have been reduced naturally at the end of the promotion.

However, in this regard, the union of the deliveryman, Rider Union, claimed that this years payments had fallen to half the level of the highest in the past year as the promotion ended.

Also, because of the corona crisis, the labor intensity was stronger, but the amount of payment was reduced.

Meanwhile, Governor Lee Jae-myeong, who is attacking the nations No. 1 delivery app delivery nation (Baemin) on a daily basis, said on the 7th, "The movement to order by phone, not the delivery app, and store incentives for phone orders has begun." "Show me that the consumer and the people are scary."

The governor suggested that Bae Min apologized for the controversy, but said that it was difficult to restore the commission system requested by the governor. "We will develop a public app as soon as possible, but we must take measures in the meantime."

In addition, Gunsan City was happy to approve the request to enable the use of the trademark right of Gunsan delivery.

Local governments across the country are showing interest in the delivery app for delivery of guns in Gunsan City.

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