Jane Goodall, Corona19 Infectious disease causes animal abuse

World-renowned primate Dr. Jane Goodall pointed out that the epidemic of new coronavirus infections stemmed from human cruelty to animals and natural neglect.

According to AFP on the 12th, Dr. Jane Goodall said in a telephone interview prior to the release of the National Geographic documentary Jane Goodall: The Hope, "The emergence of the same epidemic was predicted years ago."

“When we destroy the forest, we have no choice but to live in close proximity to different species of animals in the forest. As a result, the disease is spread from one animal to another. And as the diseased animal comes into contact with humans again, the likelihood of infecting them increases. ”

Then, we pointed out the problem of wild animals being sold for food and factory farming. “In Africa and parts of Asia, animals are being hunted for food. In particular, wild animals are traded in the Chinese meat market. In addition, billions of animals around the world are raised in intensive breeding farms. "These conditions create the opportunity for the virus to spread from the animal to the human, beyond the species wall."

He added that China has recently closed the live wildlife market, adding that “we hope that the temporary closure of the market will be temporary and that other Asian countries will follow.” (▷ Related article: Corona era wildlife market Meanwhile, why is this dangerous?) Meanwhile, the Chinese government issued new guidelines for reclassifying dogs from domestic animals to companion animals. Edible sales and consumption of dogs and cats are completely banned in Shenzhen, Guangdong from May 1.

Dr. Goodal stressed that more careful consideration will be needed in Africa. “Many people are turning to the sale of wild animals to make a living. The poor cannot make ethical choices. They do anything to survive. "We need to consider how we can contribute to reduce poverty."

He also pointed out that the “corona incident” is teaching us to prevent another pandemic. “The widespread blockades of the Corona 19 pandemic will awaken people. We are part of the natural world and we must realize that destroying nature is stealing the future from our children. ”

Dr. Jane Goodall, called "The Chimpanzees Mother," is an zoologist and environmental activist who has been living in Tanzania, Africa for over 40 years and discovering breakthroughs. He is said to be canceling all fundraising events and practicing social distance at home in the UK.

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