Meeting place, Poongpaeji Hall

Poongpaejigwan (Jeonju Gaeksa) is believed to have been built at the time of the creation of Jeonju Buseong in the early Joseon Dynasty. Then, in the 3rd year of Seongjong's 3rd year (1473), there is a record that Jeonju Bu-yoon Cho Geun () rebuilt the company with the remaining wealth when the Jeonju Accident was founded. It is a treasure with a very important meaning that symbolizes the authority and honor of Jeollagamyeong. In front of the main building, there is a large signboard in the elegant cursive type called Pungpaejigwan. It is handed down in the letters of the governor of the Ming Dynasty, where pungpae is the name of the hometown of Han Gojo, and Jeonju is the birthplace of the Joseon Dynasty.

Poongpaeji Hall (Jeonju Gaeksa), which you meet in the middle of the city center, gives you an unexpected break.

Gaeksa was established in the village during the Goryeo Joseon Dynasty, and was used as an accommodation for government officials and foreign envoys on business trips. In the Joseon Dynasty, war was enshrined in Jujeon (main building) and worship was given to the king, and during national congratulations and condolences, it was used as a banquet hall for joint ceremonies or reception of foreign guests. Originally, there were many buildings such as Jugwan, East-West Ikheon, Maengcheong, and Musinsa, but now only Jugwan, Seo Ikheon, and vertical temples remain. Currently, only the cornerstone remains, Dong Ik-heon is the same size as Seo Ik-heon, but one space is insufficient due to road expansion. The main gate of the Gaeksa Temple had Naesammun, Jungsammun, and Oesammun in front of the main building, but the boundaries of the area were reduced to the inside of the original Naesammun.

Jeonju Gaeksa Temple in Jungang-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk Province, which has been a meeting place for Jeonju residents for decades, has been renamed Pungpaejigwan (ν). Gaeksa, called as an official or objective, was installed in each town after the Goryeo Dynasty, but it is not only in Jeonju.

It is known that the opinion that the name was distorted as it passed through the modern and modern times and that it is desirable to return it to the original name,'Pungpaejigwan'.

'Windbreak' refers to the hometown of Weifang, who founded the Han Dynasty, and refers to the hometown of the founder. Ji-Kwan'. From now on, when making an appointment, let's say the unique name "Let's meet at the Poongpaejigwan".

Gaeksa is currently being used as a space for meetings and relaxation, so it would be nice to stop by and take a moment. After dark, you can see the night view of Gaeksa with a signboard called in the city center, and next to it, you can enjoy the colorful lights of Luminarie on the street you want to walk, the center of Jeonju and the street of youth.

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