Hanbyeokdang with a taste of style in harmony with nature

Poet Seung-beom Choi sang of the scholar's enjoyment and the faintness that would have been included in'Hanbyeok Cheongyeon'. Hanbyeokdang is a pavilion carved out of the cliff at the head of Balsan, the foot of Seungamsan Mountain, and is a small pavilion under Byeongpungbawi Rock. In the past, the fog hitting the rocks was called'Hanbyeok Cheongyeon' and was named as one of the eight scenic spots in Jeonju.

Hanbyeokdang has a floor, rafters, and the eaves of about 5 pyeong, and the numerous poems presented by poets and poets are the spaces where we talked with friends. It is designated as tangible cultural property No. 15 in Jeollabuk-do.

Hanbyeokdang (Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do Tangible Cultural Property No. 15), built by carving a cliff at the foot of Mt. .

However, Jeonju people have a breathtaking memory of the sudden increase in water during heavy rains in the summer.

Hanbyeokdang has been visited by many poets and visitors from a long time ago, and many poems that they sang () have been handed down. In'Honam-eupji ()' etc., about 20 prominent figures such as Lee Gyeong-jeon, Lee Gyeong-yeo, and Lee Ki-bal are still written in Hanbyeokdang, giving a glimpse of the tradition of those days. In Hanbyeokdang, the story of the debt of the teacher, Samman Lee (1770-1847), is one of the three famous writings in the late Joseon Dynasty.

This was when Changam was young. The heat wave was pouring out, and a fan man wearing red ginseng, a hemp pants that was thin with sweat, visited the shade of Hanbyeokdang. The day was hot, but the fans weren't sold, so I was thinking of taking a break. However, as he sat in the cool shade of the wall, he fell asleep and fell asleep as he snored. But what is this? When I woke up, maybe someone was scrambling to the debt.

"Hey, it looks like a scholar, but where's the way to do this with someone else's debt?"
The debt manger was angry and fired.

"Don't be too angry. Take this fan and go into the castle. It will be sold out before the year."
The debt manager entered the Jeonjubu after checking the scholar's house in advance to pay compensation if the debt was not sold. But something amazing happened. In the morning, no matter how loudly they screamed, the fans that were not sold were sold out as if they were flying. It was the same even when the price was raised.

Soon, Jangsu, whose pockets were thickened, went to the house that the scholar told me. Jang-su asked for the name of the scholar, apologizing for what he said at the expense of the previous scholar.

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