Jeondong Cathedral with the history of Catholicism in Korea

Jeondong Catholic Cathedral with a simple and compact appearance standing at the entrance of the Hanok Village. Jeondong Catholic Church was the first Catholic church in Korea to beheaded by the beheading of Kwon Sang-yeon (James) who was involved in Yoon Ji-chung when Yun Ji-chung (Paolo) burned new liquor according to the doctrine of his mother's life and did not perform rites. It is a place of martyrdom and the birthplace of the whole school that became the mother parishes of Honam.

In the spring of 1891, one hundred years after the two saints were martyred, a parishes were established at the martyrdom site and the whole school began. The first main pregnant woman, Father Bodune, began construction in 1908 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom, and was completed in 1914 with the design of Father Fwanel, who designed the Myeong-Dong Catholic Cathedral in Seoul. It took 23 years from the start of construction to the dedication of the temple.

During the Japanese colonial period, the Ministry of Information and Communication demolished the walls of Pungnammun Gate to create a new way in Jeonju, and it is said that Father Bodune took the stones from the walls and used them as the cornerstones of the church. In the basement of the cathedral, the foundation stone used at the time firmly supports the cathedral. For the construction, a hundred Chinese bricklayers were mobilized to burn bricks from the soil that broke down Jeonju Castle, and the stone was transported by wagons from the granite of Hwangdeungsan Mountain in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do. It is said that the timber was cut and used as a fatal asset.

Jeondong Catholic Cathedral is a fusion of East and West in a fully formal Romanesque style, making you feel warmth like a mother's arms. It is known as one of the largest and oldest Western-style modern buildings in the Honam region.

It is a red brick building using granite as a base. The interior has a vaulted ceiling, and the small bell towers arranged on both sides centered on the central bell tower add a harmonious three-dimensional effect and a sense of rise to the building. The Byzantine-style bell head is well harmonized with the main body of the building, making it popular as a photo spot.

The white Christ statue in front of the cathedral highlights the beauty of the cathedral, and the monument engraved as the'first martyrdom in Korea' reminds us of the significance of Jeonju Jeonju's painful Catholic history.

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